Nadal, the former head of the Wadiyan Nuclear Program.

Nadal, sometimes referred to as "Nuclear Nadal" was the former head of the Wadiyan Nuclear Program and Procurer of Women, until he was "executed" by Haffaz Aladeen.  

Nuclear ProgramEdit

Nadal was head of the nuclear program until he and Haffaz Aladeen "agreed to disagree" on the shape of a missile (rounded or pointy). During this encounter, Nadal accused the supreme leader of getting his ideas from cartoons, and immediately after that, Aladeen ordered the execution of Nadal.

Later Role Edit

When Aladeen loses his beard in New York, he walks into a restraunt in "Little Wadiya" which is comitted to the hatred of Aladeen.  When the owner suspects him of being Aladeen after several attempts at making up fake names (such as Allison Burgers), Nadal passes him off as his cousin. 

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